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Monday, 16 January 2017

Woeful Windmills

The UK's windmills are at it again ... 

Less than 1.3% of supply is now being produced and coal + gas turbines are pegged in the red.


and a day later

pretty much the same

however in - Germany last year....
How did they mange that? 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Not Much of a Surprise.

It would appear that the Environment Agency have extended the licence for Weaver's Mill out to 2019.

On the last working day before Christmas break - they waved through the application to extend - even though there is no viable scheme for Weaver's Mill. The owners of North Mill have not been advised of the decision - a predictable gesture from officials whose bias and bad faith have polluted the last 6 years at Avoncliff.

I originally claimed that the EA didn't send out advisory emails to participants in the statutory consultation. 
This was not true.

The email for some reason got classified as spam by my service provider .... apologies to anybody at the EA who might have been incensed by a false accusation ....

The decision document can be read HERE

Why put a condition on a license  - and when that condition is clearly broken it's waved away with an unspecified explanation and some coaching of the applicant...

Perhaps a few people might take a few minutes to read this piece on the state of hydro power on our rivers and streams - by somebody with 30+ years of experience in the matter. Not much has changed at the EA in the 20-ish years elapsed since Mr. Goring submitted his memo....

The ROI from here might just make Weaver's Mill think twice about a scheme...

50 years to break even at that rate?
(assuming zero maintenance)

FYI at the moment  HSBC will generously give you about half that ROI
- on the same investment
- so maybe it's a bargain

Osman Goring on Small Hydropower

Published in 2015

Friday, 16 December 2016


I have been informed by someone in Northern Ireland that 
Northern Irish version of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme paid out:
£1600 subsidy for every £1000 of pellets burnt

And that these payments continue as I type this

What is totally unacceptable - is the way that the media - BBC, ITV etcetera have swerved telling us all the scale of the screw-up on a individual "consumer" basis. The BBC in particular announcing arbitrarily and frankly risibly reduced overall estimates of the taxpayer's liability for the payments.

What we are very obviously witnessing here is weapons grade incompetence from public servants - and a cover up that's allowed the perpetrators to evade responsibility via "retirement", "promotion" and sideways job hopping.

This is an isolated case in a far, far away land bearing no relationship to the superlative service provided by DECC BIS in the pursuit of efficient, fit for purpose UK energy supplies. /sarc

We on the mainland are on the hook for a large part of this - yet the BBC keep hiding the details by keeping it all on their Northern Ireland web site - when this iis patently a mainland issue as well.